Leadership Track

The leadership development track is for students who feel called into full-time ministry with the local church or a mission organization. These students will enroll in an associate or bachelor degree in ministerial leadership through SEU. They will also receive spiritual growth and leadership training by working closely with Bayside College ministry leaders. Within this track, students may earn SEU credit each semester by serving in areas such as worship, next generation, or creative arts. Internship opportunities may be available for years three and four for those students who have earned their associate degree through the university. Room and board is included with this track through home sponsorship.

Experiential Certificate

For those not interested in SEU academic programs, Bayside College offers an experiential certificate track, which is a one-year program designed for students who desire to grow in his/her personal faith-walk with God, but not necessarily with all the academic demands. With its specifically designed curriculum, students will focus on their devotional life, biblical study, as well as experiential learning. This program does not involve SEU courses or faculty. Cost: $4500, 50% due at orientation.

The average cost of college housing and meals has reached $10,100 per year.
At Bayside College the cost is ZERO.